Dreadlocks Victoria

Dreadlocks Victoria

Brief History of Dreadlocks

This bold and powerful hair style has roots in many cultures through history. Ancient mummies have been unearthed by archaeologists with dreadlocks still intact. Characters in the buddhist, hindu, christian, and islam faiths have all worn their hair in this way, oftentimes contributing to their heightened sense of power or insight. The Rastafari movement helped develop the modern term “dreadlocks” and the many benefits of having this hairstyle have drawn more and more people to support it around the world.

Why People Get Dreadlocks in Victoria BC

As it is a bit of a commitment, generally people that want to get dreadlocks really WANT to get dreadlocks. There is a sort of inner-knowing that happens, in our experience talking with clients, that just kind of feels right. As though the outside has to match what's going on inside. Of course, there is the simple reason just to get dreads because they look cool. And honestly this isn't a bad reason – it is your hair after all! Generally those who choose to sport the look simply for aesthetic reasons may be more likely to change their mind 6 or 12 months down the road, JUST when your dreadlocks are maturing and starting to look their very best!

Dreadlocks in Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is a forward thinking and down to earth community with a strong dreadlocks following. Communities such as Langford, Colwood, View Royal, Saanich, Goldstream, Mill Bay and the inner harbour all of dreadlock installation studios. Vancouver Island is home to many dreadlocks and hair extension wearing people of all wakes of life.


How Do I Order The Best Dreadlocks Victoria BC Services?

If you are looking to have Adam from Island Locks come to Greater Victoria and install, maintain or repair your dreadlocks, simply give him a call at (250) 802-8760 or email adam@islandlocks.ca. The cost will be $40 an hour and we accept credit cards or cash. Don't settle for an amatuer at a salon. Get a professional like Adam to complete your dreads session today.

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Dreadlocks Victoria
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