Facials In Anchorage

Facials In Anchorage

You Beauty Lounge provides upscale salon esthetic services at moderate prices for women and men. Feeling good about your appearance helps build confidence and boosts self-esteem.

You Beauty Lounge’s esthetic services include wax hair removal, professional makeup applications, and soothing facials. Free consultations help clients determine their skin types and develop customized skincare and regimen plans.

You Beauty Lounge offers a Signature facial package that’s personalized to your skin’s needs. You Beauty Lounge’s Signature facial services in Anchorage analyzes clients’ skin before applying a double cleanse for optimal results.

Clients choose their preferred exfoliation method, ranging from a peel, Microderm, or derma plane. Our beauticians perform pore extractions and apply high-frequency facial masks based on each client’s specific needs.

Clients receive scalp and shoulder massages with warm essential oils before finishing products apply the final touches.  The Signature bundle covers the primary bases of the best facial skin treatments in Alaska and beyond.

Facial Skin Treatments in Anchorage, Alaska Offered by You Beauty Lounge

Besides the Signature facial, You Beauty Lounge also presents other affordable and effective Anchorage, Alaska facials, such as the microdermabrasion. After a complete skin review and double cleanse, micro dermal exfoliating eliminates dead and dry cells.

Beauticians soothe pore extractions with facial masks before applying soft finishing products. Microdermabrasion exfoliations enhance even the best Anchorage facials by improving the skin’s surface health.

You Beauty Lounge offers various options for chemical peel facial services in Anchorage, such as the GM Collin chemical peel. One straightforward way to revitalize and replenish your skin is to schedule a session for our oxygenating GM Collin clinical facial.

A purifying facial treatment brings forth bright, vibrant skin and a clear complexion. The oxygenated GM Collin facial bundle reduces blotchy areas and enhances your skin’s best features. People looking for hydrating facials will find You Beauty Lounge the right place to turn.

Series of Perfect Facials in Anchorage for All Skin Types

At You Beauty Lounge, we perform superior facial services for all skin types. The Algomask and GM Collin clinical facial service option hydrates skin and soothes redness caused by sensitivity. The Algomask GM Collin clinical facial helps skin look fresh and invigorated without harm chemical peels.

Clients seeking firmer skin may prefer our salon’s hydro lifting GM Collin facial, which revitalizes skin through rich hydration and moisturizing. The hydro lifting GM Collin facial session also improves skin’s elasticity around the face and neck.

You Beauty Lounge offers back facials that clear skin’s appearance with a cleansing steam and stimulates pain-free pore extractions. Our beauty techs apply finishing products and high-frequency masks during back facial sessions to optimize your skin’s condition and longevity.

Scheduling a Free Skin Analysis and Consultation

Clients can add-on facial services to fully customize their experience at You Beauty Lounge for a small additional fee. If you are interested in learning more about other facial services from our elite salon and med spa, please call us today at 907-349-7744. You will receive stellar skincare and facial esthetic services that will help you look like a million bucks at a much lower cost.

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