Types of Dreadlocks

Type Of Dread Locks


Island Locks believes in Natural, Authentic, Hand-Crafted Dreadlocks (i.e. Absolutely NO waxes, threads, glues, clips, ties, or other gunk to hold them together). When deciding if dreadlocks are right for you, check out a few common questions answered on our F.A.Q. Page. In general, keep in mind that getting dreadlocks installed in your hair is a commitment as they are relatively hard to remove, and take a good 8-14 months to fully mature. We can offer temporary clip-in extensions for short term wear (seasonal, Halloween, costume party), but anything involving your own natural hair is going to be more permanent.  You can opt to do soaks and conditioners to end your dreadlock days, but we encourage clients to be educated and confident about their decision in advance.


We provide custom dreadlock extensions that are made to order, and can be matched to virtually any existing hair colour. Contact us to determine which type of dreadlocks are right for you. Options include Human hair, felted wool, or synthetic hair (in descending order of cost). Custom extensions with coloured embroidery thread, jewelry and wooden beads sewn into them are also available.