Why Choose Island Locks?

With over 7 years of experience, Island Locks is the most reputable dread install and repair service on Vancouver Island. Adam uses a variety of methods to install and maintain your locks so that he gets the best results from your unique head of hair. Not all hair dreads the same, and it takes this eye and experience to know which method to use for each customer. Whether you come to our studio, or we come to you, you will be sure to find the experience relaxing and the conversations always flow with ease to make the process enjoyable.  Island Locks promises to never use waxes, glues or products that will cause your dreads to become gummy, or loosen over time. We provide free consultations to all new clients looking to enter the dread culture, and our quotes are accurate and fair. Our rates are very competitive, and your locks will thank you for choosing someone who really understands the locking process and is committed to making your locks gorgeous. Be prepared to be complimented on them frequently! In return for taking such great care of your dreads with regular maintenance sessions, Adam offers a punch card for discounts and free sessions, and hosts a variety of epic products, beads and customization options that will give your dreads the one of a kind vibe you are seeking.